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Ann Davenport was the wife of Thomas Graves, born 1691, in genealogy 270. This branch of the Davenport family is generally called the Pamunkey Davenports, and traces back to Davis Davenport who owned a plantation in Pamunkey Neck, King William Co., Virginia. Much more information about this family can be seen on the Pamunkey Davenport website. Also on that website are links to a number of other helpful pages and websites, including the Davenport DNA project.

Finding autosomal DNA matches with the family Ann Davenport has been very helpful in confirming that Ann really was a Davenport and how she fit into that family. The autosomal matches are also helpful because anyone who matches this Davenport family and has Graves ancestry is more likely to be descended from Thomas Graves and Ann Davenport. The Davenport autosomal DNA chart on this website can be seen here. Note that on this chart, although John Davenport, born about 1637 in England is shown as the father of Davis Davenport, there is a statement that as of July 24, 2012, the thinking of the Davenport DNA project was that the parents of Davis Davenport may be Richard Davis and Anne Davenport.